AffiliateWP Affiliate Area Shortcodes Version : 1.1.7

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AffiliateWP – Affiliate Area Shortcodes

Once activated, this plugin offers 20 shortcodes because of fine-tuned monitoring atop the part area:

  • Product Version : 1.1.7
  • Product Last Updated : 30.03.2019

[affiliate_area_graphs] Shows the thing about the arm area’s graphs tab.
[affiliate_area_settings] Shows the article regarding the part area’s settings tab.
[affiliate_area_creatives] Shows the object regarding the affiliate area’s creatives tab.
[affiliate_area_referrals] Shows the contents concerning the branch area’s referrals tab.
[affiliate_area_stats] Shows the thing concerning the group area’s statistics tab.
[affiliate_area_urls] Shows the contents concerning the arm area’s branch URLs tab.
[affiliate_area_visits] Shows the object of the affiliate area’s visits tab.
[affiliate_area_notices] Show the non-appearance part dashboard notices. The default notices be able also stand customized.
[affiliate_logout] Shows a bottom oversea link for an branch somewhere concerning you site.
[affiliate_name] Show an affiliate’s honour as much embark by way of the “Display name” within theirs WordPress profile.
[affiliate_username] Show an affiliate’s username.
[affiliate_id] Show an affiliate’s ID.

The following shortcodes disruption the alone facts shown concerning the statisticstab of the part area.

[affiliate_referrals status=”paid”] Show the affiliate’s paid referral count.
[affiliate_referrals status=”unpaid”] Show the affiliate’s unpaid referral count.
[affiliate_earnings status=”paid”] Show the affiliate’s paid earnings.
[affiliate_earnings status=”unpaid”] Show the affiliate’s unpaid earnings.
[affiliate_visits] Show the affiliate’s go to count.
[affiliate_conversion_rate] Show the affiliate’s conversion rate.
[affiliate_commission_rate] Show the affiliate’s fee rate.
[affiliate_campaign_stats] Show an affiliate’s marketing campaign stats

Note, tabs within the section region may keep easily eliminated yet reordered the use of the dashboard.php template file; some customers decide on the makes use of on shortcodes.

With the atop shortcodes you’ll be able to:

  1. Create an Affiliate Area (without tabs) or stack them between some system concerning one page.
  2. Put every shortcode concerning a detach page, essentially creating thine very own web page structure.
  3. Have more control atop which areas the associates see, except abject in accordance with regulate a template file.

Just take into account according to set thine Affiliate Area page of Affiliates → Settings in imitation of remain your login page or your affiliates pleasure hold no the place in accordance with login from through emails etc.

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