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AffiliateWP – Affiliate Product Rates

At its near fundamental degree AffiliateWP permits ye in accordance with put in a global referral dimension who every associates share. For integrations that aid per-product referral rates, affiliates do acquire exclusive commissions based totally on who product/s are purchased. AffiliateWP also lets in thou in accordance with accept referral fees of a per-affiliate level as pleasure disapprove someone per-product referral rate.

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  • Product Last Updated : 07.05.2019

Affiliate Product Rates expands it too further, permitting one-of-a-kind per-product referral rates concerning a per-affiliate level.

Here are incomplete examples of how many thou would possibly usage that plugin:

  • Give Affiliate X 10% commission because of Product A, 80% fee for Product B, then a plane rate on $50 because Product C.
  • Give Affiliate Y 50% commission for Product A, however a lower fee than Affiliate X because of Products B or C.
  • Give Affiliate Z a flat-rate concerning $10 fee because of Product A, 65% fee because Product B or 22% fee because of Product C.

The possibilities are endless! You perform also uses multiple integrations of coalescence together with each mean or nonetheless accept product prices because each.

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  • WooCommerce

Known Issues

The add-on doesn’t yet stop a product from present between extra than 1 product rate. Be careful you don’t accidentally accumulate a manufacture according to greater than one area yet the dimension desire remain ignored.



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